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    Geniet van de unieke sfeer in dit vissersdorp


Volendam is the most famous fishing village in Holland and can be visited all year round. Especially the old harbour full of old Dutch ships is popular. Around the harbour there is a lot to do. For example, have your picture taken in traditional Volendam clothing and learn more about Volendam in one of the museums. From the harbour in Volendam you can also take a boat trip to the Old Dutch village of Marken.

What to expect in Volendam?

Volendam is a village near Amsterdam that is mainly known for its harbour.

Experience Volendam | A virtual reality adventure through Volendam in the 18th century

Picture in traditional clothing Volendam

Boat tour: Volendam-Marken Express:

When is Volendam open?

Volendam is a real village and therefore open all year round. The various activities do of course have opening hours but are usually open all year round.

How long does a visit to Volendam take?

What is the admission fee?

If you just want to walk through Volendam and enjoy the old Dutch fishing village, then of course you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. Would you like to visit a museum, have a picture taken of a traditional costume or take the boat to the village of Marken? Then you will find the entrance fees below.

Volendam Experience€ 8,75Book online
Picture in traditional clothing Volendam€ 15,00Book online
Volendam-Marken Express: Boat Tour€ 8,25Book online

How do I get to Volendam?

Where can i stay near Volendam?

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