Zaan Industrial Wall in Wormer

Zaan Industrial Wall in Wormer - Photo by Mike Bink
Zaan Industrial Wall in Wormer – Photo by Mike Bink

The countryside north of Amsterdam has, in addition to many rural views, a rich industrial history. Factories were established early on along the river Zaan. The area is even the oldest industrial area in Europe. At the moment, the industrial function of the factory buildings has ceased. The beautiful old factory buildings have fortunately been preserved and now have other functions such as housing, shops or restaurants.

About the Zaan Industrial Wall

One of the most striking factory buildings along the Zaan is that of the former Zeepziederij. The building, also known as De Adelaar, has since been transformed into the head office of fashion brand Vanillia. In tribute, this fashion brand again makes soap in the building.

Directions to the Zaan Industrial Wall