Cheeses of Holland

Cheese in Holland

Dutch cheeses are world famous and can be purchased anywhere in the world. Well-known cheeses such as Edam cheese and Gouda cheese are favorite with many. If you visit the Netherlands you should definitely try cheese tasting at a cheese shop, visit a cheese farm, take a look at a cheese market or visit a cheese attraction.

The cheeses of Holland

The Netherlands are world-famous for their cheeses. The Netherlands is even the world’s largest cheese exporter. No less than 650 million kilos of cheese are produced in the Netherlands every year. The Dutch themselves are also crazy about their cheeses. On average, a Dutchman eats 14.3 kilos of cheese per year.

The production of cheese started very early in the Netherlands, around 200 years before Christ. In the Middle Ages, cheese was already the most important trade product. Cheese markets were organised in various cities and weighing houses were set up at central locations in the cities. (De Waag).

Today, many different types of cheese are produced in the Netherlands. The best known types of cheese are Gouda and Edam. These cheeses are also available almost everywhere in the world. But there are many other types of cheese produced in the Netherlands, such as: Leidse cheese, Old Amsterdam, Maasdammer, Leerdammer, Old Alkmaar and many more.

Experience the cheeses in Amsterdam

In and around Amsterdam you can experience the cheeses at various locations. From museums and experience centres to cheese farms and cheese markets. We have made a selection below of the best ways to discover the cheeses of Holland.

Visit a cheese farm near Amsterdam

Visiting a cheese farm is a must for young and old. There are several cheese farms in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

Cheese Markets near Amsterdam

Would you like to experience how the cheese markets work? Cheese markets are still held regularly. The best-known cheese markets are:

Cheese shops & attractions

In the Netherlands, every town and village has one or more cheese shops. In a cheese shop, you can often taste cheeses and learn more about the cheeses.

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